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Lianhua Lake Dujiangyan Shi Chengdu Sichuan CHINA

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Sichuan Cuisine is knows as China's eight main style of cooking. It embodies both traditional ingredients from the local area and cutting techniques that enhances the freshness of each ingredient. Sichuan Cuisine prides itself amongst the spiciness of the peppercorn and the local culture. 

Hot Pot
Ginger Cake
Steamed Flower Bun

Made from the freshest soy products in the local area to produce Tofu. It is stirred fried with local fermented chili sauce to serve us this traditional dish.

Mapo Tofu

The Sichuan Ginger Cake is a 1000 year old traditional cake that is used to serve the kings after a meal. This is to help enhance the digestion and to balance a meal.


Fluffly is the description of this Bun. It looks like a cloud and smells like flower. It is a great afternoon snack for kids.

Hot pot is known as a national dishes to gather family and friends around a table with a boiling hot pot with several different soup options and a variety of fresh ingredients to cook in the Hot Pot


Maize cake

Mazie Cake is a very traditional cake that is made with all the grandma's love. A dish that is passed down from generations to share with family during special occassions.