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Lianhua Lake Dujiangyan Shi Chengdu Sichuan CHINA

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Flying Fox Adventure Park

In the natural forest shallow water blocks, the integration of water stream line + jungle adventure line, to create the air slide cable theme pleasure, water and land limit exploration and other functions of the sports camp, will awaken the love outdoor adventure vitality. The resort in the natural wild, to explore outdoor sports vitality.

Be at one with nature, feel everything nature has to offer. Challenge yourself.


Ride along with our horses. We have horse riding trails all over Andaman Village, and our coaches will be able to show you all the exploration of nature on horseback. 

Our horse riding trails have been expertly chosen by our coaches. We offer an extensive range of trails for different age groups and horse riding experiences to ride in our forests.

Fly through the forest with our challenge zip line courses. Professionally designed and constructed with international safety courses to challenge yourself through our adventure parks.

Our ecological treetops zip-line is suitable for everyone. Anyone aged between 4-65 can take a ride, alongside our trained Flying Fox staff.

(For safety reasons, the ride is limited to a maximum weight of 120kg)

Everyone on our staff is highly trained in the latest safety procedures, guaranteeing that visitors will stay safe while having fun, and our equipment complies with CE & UIAA European standards accreditation. 

All equipment’s are imported from France Petzl for the best equipment for our guests, This is an unforgettable, exhilarating experience that will be one of the highlights of your holiday. 

The Flying Fox is one of Dujiangyan’s best-kept secrets. Swinging from tree to tree, you’ll realize that on top of the exceptional food and scenery, we also offer adrenaline-charged escapades!




Ride amongst the wind. Be at one with nature. Test your skills on our internationally design cross country mountain bike trail. Look at all the mountains and lakes!
Challenge yourself at our cross country mountain bike trails.
Built to international standards, we are IMBA and UCI approved biking trails.


Lure Fishing is a great way to get back to nature. Spending time with your family and friends. Have a drink by the lake and experience when you get a “hook on” with the fishes in the lake.

Lure Fishing is a great sport, it tests your patience and skill. Using the right bait and right equipment to challenge yourself and what nature has to offer.



Kayaking on Lotus Lake is definitely a big treat. We are on the water, and when our hands skim across the water, we are filled with excitement and curiosity. We are at one when we kayak, and we are able to be close to nature. 

Kayaking is an eco sport that allows us to exercise our bodies, balance and skill. Our coaches will teach you the basics in kayaking and guide us through the treasures of Lotus Lake.